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Max Payne is one of the most popular third-person shooter video game developed by Remedy Entertainment (Max Payne and Max Payne 2) and Rockstar Studios (Max Payne 3). The third part in the series was released back in 2012 which was a huge hit and gets highly acclaimed reviews for its story and action.

To be very clear in the beginning, Max Payne 4 has not been officially announced and this site is dedicated to provide all kind of news and updates about it which comes from reliable source.

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The History:

Max Payne 4

The history about the Max Payne video game is pretty interesting. It started with Max Payne, which was originally developed by Remedy Entertainment in 2001. Later on, second part, a sequel to the first part was released in 2003. The series was considered to get end here, but after almost 10 years of gap Rockstar released Max Payne 3 game in 2012 which was sold like hot cakes. In the first week itself approximately 3 million units of Max Payne 3 were shipped. With Max Payne 3, Rockstar sets a new standard to the game franchise. And now, is the life of Max Payne continues with Max Payne 4? Well, we have to wait and see.

Max Payne – 2001

Max Payne 2 – 2003

Max Payne 3 – 2012

Max Payne 4 – 2020?

Max Payne 4 Release Date

Since the gap between Max Payne 2 and Max Payne 3 is around 10 years, so people are expecting next part, Max Payne 4 to release sometime around 2020 – 2022. But this is just expectation and none can confirm you the release date of Max Payne 4.

Sadly, till now no source claims Max Payne 4 is in works. This clears Rockstar has no sooner plans for Max Payne 4 and most probably the game will take time to come. As we said, this is just rumour and none can confirm you release date of Max Payne 4. We can just hope, it comes fast.

Max Payne 4 Feature: Wishlist

Bullet Time:

Bullet Time is one of the most popular feature of Max Payne game. The feature has been constantly improved in every part of this game. In Max Payne 3, Bullet Time gives Max Payne several seconds in real time to take out an enemy to prevent his death. This Bullet time allows him to slow time down and ensure he hit targets with greater accuracy. By Bullet time you can also see Bullet hitting the enemy in slow mode.

Max Payne Bullet Time Shot

In Max Payne 4 advance Bullet time with new features are expected to come. This ability of Max Payne to slow down time while shooting can be used for many other purposes except shooting.


Max Payne 3 delivers realistic graphics featuring Rockstar Advanced Game Engine [RAGE] and the Euphoria Dynamic Animation Engine. The environmental condition and Max Payne look in the game is almost real. As Max Payne 4 is expected to release sometime after 2017 which means still many years to go. In this meantime, Rockstar most probably will announce a new game engine which will further improve the graphics. And this more realistic graphics are expected to be part of Max Payne 4.

Max Payne official website:

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17 thoughts on “Max Payne 4

  1. i m the greatest fan of max payne. i want that max payne 4 should be very interesting. i think i have made a record in max payne. i’ ve completed max payne 1 in just 3 hours and max payne 2 in just 2.5 hours and max payne 3 in 5 hours. i m waiting for max payne 4. please release it as much fast as you can.

  2. suckmyassinski

    If you actually think the next max payne wont come out till 2020 you’re a #no bad words# retard

  3. Max Payne 3 was kind of a let down for me. The game is awesome as an action piece, but a lot of the elements from the previous 2 games by Remedy that I fell in love with were lost, like the comic book passages, the gritty noir environments, Max’s sense of humor, clever irony and poetic narration, and some other awesome things that made me fell in love with the two Remedy games. The only sequence of the game that comes more close to emulate the feel of the previous ones was the flashback sequence, that’s it, but it was only close. For the first game I give a 9/10, great game, for the second game, a straight and glorified 10/10, flawless in every sense, but for the third, sorry guys, it gets a 5.5/10, not that good. Hope that they can bring back Max’s world as I remember from the first 2 games in a fourth installment.

  4. Max payNe 3 player

    Max Payne 3 is the best multiplayer game ever, nothing compares to this high octane bullet feast.. Just give us more dlc rockstar ffs!
    GtaV is shit compared to this game. Done
    Just give us more of the same for max Payne 4.

  5. Max Payne 4 could be renewed version (maybe with couple suprises) of Max Payne 1. All 3 parts of this game are amazing, but I think that we should let Max finally ‘rest’ (I hope, after all of what he was comming through). Of course I’ll be very happy if there will be another part of this game with new story, maybe with (finally) happy ending for Max. I finished MP1 about 8 times, MP2 about 4 times, and MP3 about 10 times, and every now and then I play it again, and I never get bored.

  6. I am waiting for mp4

  7. Vrindaar shukla

    umm Max Payne 3 doesn’t install .8.1 % is the sticky point ones its 64.0% max Payne 1 & 2 are great but I think they should get d story back to his wife’s murder

  8. 2020 My ass

  9. George W. Bush

    Hello yes i is always i am waitinjg for the max payne 4 game to be released. Can you tell me the site of the release?

  10. I am big fan of Max pane series…..I love playing this game…..i just want to see some new adventure in MaxPayne4….

  11. Just finished Max Payne 3 and want to download Max Payne 4.

  12. Since Max Payne is alright now at the of max Payne 3. So I hope the story of Max Payne will continue. I want MP4!!!!

  13. I think open world Max Payne will be an amazing idea. Hope to see in max payne 4!! what you say.

    • I think that will result into GTA.Just saying .:D.Although Open world would make it more damn intersting

      • Open world for MP4 will result into GTA as @Freedom wrote. Instead I’ll add possibility to check other room in buildings, possibility of finding some info, that will make this story more (if it’s possible) interesting etc.

    • Kevinjohnsisabattyboy

      An open world max payne would be like a keeping an aborted fetus inside a ketchup bottle and waiting until someone puts it on their burger. The intense amount of dissapointment and horror on their face will be about the same amount as a max payne fan seeing an OPEN WORLD MAX PAYNE!! FUCK MY CUNT!!!

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