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Max Payne 4

Max Payne is one of the most popular third-person shooter video game developed by Remedy Entertainment (Max Payne and Max Payne 2) and Rockstar Studios (Max Payne 3). The third part in the series was released back in 2012 which was a huge hit and gets highly acclaimed reviews for its story and action.

To be very clear in the beginning, Max Payne 4 has not been officially announced and this site is dedicated to provide all kind of news and updates about it which comes from reliable source.

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The History:

Max Payne 4

The history about the Max Payne video game is pretty interesting. It started with Max Payne, which was originally developed by Remedy Entertainment in 2001. Later on, second part, a sequel to the first part was released in 2003. The series was considered to get end here, but after almost 10 years of gap Rockstar released Max Payne 3 game in 2012 which was sold like hot cakes. In the first week itself approximately 3 million units of Max Payne 3 were shipped. With Max Payne 3, Rockstar sets a new standard to the game franchise. And now, is the life of Max Payne continues with Max Payne 4? Well, we have to wait and see.

Max Payne – 2001

Max Payne 2 – 2003

Max Payne 3 – 2012

Max Payne 4 – 2020?

Max Payne 4 Release Date

Since the gap between Max Payne 2 and Max Payne 3 is around 10 years, so people are expecting next part, Max Payne 4 to release sometime around 2020 – 2022. But this is just expectation and none can confirm you the release date of Max Payne 4.

Sadly, till now no source claims Max Payne 4 is in works. This clears Rockstar has no sooner plans for Max Payne 4 and most probably the game will take time to come. As we said, this is just rumour and none can confirm you release date of Max Payne 4. We can just hope, it comes fast.

Max Payne 4 Feature: Wishlist

Bullet Time:

Bullet Time is one of the most popular feature of Max Payne game. The feature has been constantly improved in every part of this game. In Max Payne 3, Bullet Time gives Max Payne several seconds in real time to take out an enemy to prevent his death. This Bullet time allows him to slow time down and ensure he hit targets with greater accuracy. By Bullet time you can also see Bullet hitting the enemy in slow mode.

Max Payne Bullet Time Shot

In Max Payne 4 advance Bullet time with new features are expected to come. This ability of Max Payne to slow down time while shooting can be used for many other purposes except shooting.


Max Payne 3 delivers realistic graphics featuring Rockstar Advanced Game Engine [RAGE] and the Euphoria Dynamic Animation Engine. The environmental condition and Max Payne look in the game is almost real. As Max Payne 4 is expected to release sometime after 2017 which means still many years to go. In this meantime, Rockstar most probably will announce a new game engine which will further improve the graphics. And this more realistic graphics are expected to be part of Max Payne 4.

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40 thoughts on “Max Payne 4

  1. hey rockstar please stop making the gta series please bring max payne 4 with mona sax and with more action and story we all are waiting and i like max payne 3 very much the story graphics were so good and i think there is no game best then the max payne series

  2. Max Payne is one of the best third person shooter game I have ever played. I have player all max Payne games ( 1,2 and 3 ).Rockstar made max Payne entirely into a different style..its awesome , but the only thing sad is that in each game they changed the characters looks. I like max Payne in the classic style as in the 1st game.My opinion about max Payne 4 is that..1) max should be able to drive cars. 2) we need his leather jacket in most levels..3)grenade,knife,etc should be included..4)interaction with environment should be improved..5) free hand combat must be there..6)levels must be there where max remembers his old life in 1&2 ..7)give max the old classic face of Sam..which has been aged..8)allow max to buy different clothes like in gta..9)try to include Mona sax in any max thinking abt his past..10)finally make max Payne 4 the best amoung all the 3 series…Hoping best….:)

  3. I beat all the max Payne games 1 through 3

  4. As many of us are, I’m a huge fan of Max Payne. I would love to see Max Payne 4 put back on rockstar’s radar, They did a great job with MP3, however it lacked a good story, detail, and also lacked mobility. I also feel they went overboard with Max’s look. For example they made him too run down and the shaved head option I personally did not care for. They did a pretty good job with his personality, but I think they crossed the line with the alcohol addiction. It made him seem a little too far gone. Also The story was pulled from nowhere and did not do MP1 and MP2 justice.

    MAX PAYNE 3 was not a proper sequel! I do agree it was a fun/good game. But its is NOT a Max Payne Sequel!

    As for the maps and gameplay, I loved the graphics of MP3 but was disappointed with the weapons. I wanted more…. like grenades. It would have been great if you could free roam around the map. I loved searching cabinets and drawers for ammo and painkillers. I really miss the comic strip. For those who didn’t care for it, it could easily have been skipped.
    Most important thing of all…..the details. I cannot emphasize this enough. In Mona’s funhouse, when Max falls through the loose steel grate and lands on the box’s, did you know that that grate is loose before you fall through it? You can actually stand on it, and it will creak and sink down….Crazy foreshadowing! The details in the hospital, the Address Unknown tv show, lords and ladies, Dick Justice, the address unknown pop machines, john mirra, pink bird institute, gold touch brandy, captain baseball bat boy, mike the cowboy….I could literally go on and on. The details and story quality of MP2 is astonishing. The gameplay is clunky and nobody cared. Why? Because the story is of MOVIE quality with so much detail, you would have to beat/play it ten times over to take it all in.
    I severely missed the hidden treats/ Easter eggs. For example, the shrine on the ledge outside the apartments of the young man who passed away, guns and ammo in the back of the vans, listening to the cleaners stories were absolutely hilarious and priceless! The song at the end of the game by “Poets of the Fall” and most importantly Mona Sax surviving on the hardest difficulty.
    Honestly, the creator of the series Sam Lake is a genius! I wish I could have 10 minutes of his time, to ask him why he programmed so much detail in the game, that could not truly be discovered until years later when better graphics card technology could finally decipher what was hiding there all along! All the posters, celling design and art, beautiful floors and pictures, warning lables, hospital equipment……I could go on nearly forever!
    I was extremely disappointed with the fact Mona Sax was missing from max payne 3. She is just as important as max in my opinion. Absolutely one of the greatest female characters in gaming history. Skipping her appearance in MP3 was a huge fail! I mean HUGE! So many fans completely lost interest in mp3 because of that. I’m sorry but if you feel Mona should be left out, I do not see how you can call yourself a max payne fan, in IMHO.
    I could go on and on and share so many ideas and experiences here. Even if they do not do a proper sequel, I can honestly say I’m thrilled that I was able to experience such a incredible game. It certainly will be something that will stick with me for life. I think we all have a little Max Payne in all of us we can relate to.

    Thanks for reading!

  5. Sir pleas quickly released max payne4

  6. Max Payne 2 was interesting and max Payne 3 was great

  7. I think a fourth installment wouldn’t be a bad idea. I do think that Rockstar will do another Red Dead before Max Payne. It was Redemption and MP3 that set standards for GTAV. If they are gonna do a GTAVI, Rockstar will definitely release those titles in the same order.
    But, I digress… Max Payne 4 should be set back in New York indeed. But, it should not be centered around old characters and scenarios of past Max Paynes. In Rockstars eyes, those are in a completely different universe. Especially, since it was developed or published by Remedy. They should set it in the time when Max was in Hoboken, New Jersey when he was duelin with those guido douchebags. This will give a chance to bring Mona Sax back and, Paulo, Maxs’ “partner” from MP3. And, maybe a few more characters from 3. They should keep the cinematics exactly how they were for three. No bit strip, but I loved how they still kinda incorporated it into the actual gamplay, makin the scenes feel almost seamless at times.
    We need more weapons! Grenades AND molotoves(along with a few new throwables) should be introduced to the game again. Along with, a slew of new weapons. Like, melee weapons(bats, pipes, 2×4, knives) and, of course, GUNS! LOTS AND LOTS OF GUNS!! No co-op. This is not Kayne and Lynch… Makin it a sandbox could win and it could lose. I do have to agree with the linear levels bein a bit more open. For instance, if my goal is to get from the top of a building, to the bottom, I should have a lot more options on how I can do so. This will allow for more hidden collectibles/easter eggs. The Bullet Time shouldn’t be tampered with either. It’s rlgreat in a simple form. Tryin to add anything… Spectacular, will take away from Max Payne bein more “human”. We don’t need a super action hero. We need our drunken, pill poppin, mass murderin, noir detective back.

    • Touchin on the linear levels, it will also allow players to have experienced the game in many different ways! It’s a cheap and cost effective way to get newer players into the series, too. Most people want and expect that freedom in their games nowadays so, why not give them that without them missin any key points in the game. Somebody could say that did this, this and, that when they went down one hall and someone else could say somethin different when they choose to take the stairwell. Just some examples… Hope Rockstar sees our posts!!!

    • hoestly max payne all parts was great in my ;life played so many games but max payne is great 10000000000000000% superb game in the world thanx max payne team who gv us great game our life

  8. I am waiting for max payne 4

  9. please bring back Mona sax.
    &Mp 1&2 style in MP4
    Max Payne 3 was not that gud 🙂

  10. they should add a team deathmatch game mode where there are only stun type of weapons like the stun gun, keep on making UNIQUE perks. Maybe you guys can make up your own guns like you guys do in gta. I also think the idea of scavenging for items like pills is a great idea, keep the idea of how gun inventory works….#1Fan:)

  11. NO open world and I would not want the game to be told in a comic strip in my opinion it makes the games look cheap and I tend to want to skip over it and I know you liked it when remedy made it that way fans but this is rockstar’s game. it would be great if rockstar would add more dlc for mp3, (rather play mp3 than cod or halo keep it up).

  12. max payne 3 is a awesome game with awesome story line,full of action……simply GREAT!!!


  14. actually i dont like the third version of max payne but m sure the next max payne will be greater than this and i cant wait for the best games we have no good games for play
    in before there was a lot of pc game and now almost games are weak and ugly without any exciting sequence and motional part
    please making the forth version of max payne

  15. MAX PAYNE 4 should come and i am damm sure it will be the best third person shooter game…go rockstar..make max payne 4

  16. Max Payne 2 the movie (Stana Katic as MONA SAX)

    I agree that MAX PAYNE 4 should not be open world….however it should be more free roaming. I want to find ammo in drawers…I want to search cabinets and find pills, I want to find hidden guns, I want to be able to go through a map and then turn around and go back as far as I like. I want to carry more weapons and I want my fucking grenades back! They must bring back MONA SAX. How they released MP3 without her, I have no fucking idea. She is a main character who survived in MP2 after you beat the game on the hardest difficulty. In my opinion that is the biggest fail of MP3. The story also must go back to New York. There is so much more they could do with the story after MP2. When I heard it was going to be based in Brazil I couldn’t believe it. They shaved Max’s head and made him look like a old turd, Just a really poor story with very low effort to make a great game. I swear if I could be brought in to help write the story I promise I would hit the nail on the head and give us all the game we all deserve. I agree with Ricardo’s post above %100. Bring back the comic strip, Bring back Mona, Max’s old witty sense of humor. Get back to new York fighting Russians and mob wars. At the very least you could have Vladimir’s “brother” in MP4 and have Vinni Gognitti somehow survive the B-bat boy bomb. It could be Russians and mob wars all over again. That’s just off the top of my head…..I mean give me 10 years and I sure I could come up with something good!! No seriously 1-2 years tops and you could make an epic game! The fuck man….RANT OVER!

  17. Max Payne should defenitly NOT be an open world game, it always has been a “scripted” storyline game and should be as it is…. Personaly I think Max should rest… He has had a great life in three games, I’m afraid a fourth game would overdue it, killing the franchise or turning it into some COD shit.

    But if there will be a Max Payne 4 I really hope it wil get back to his roots, the badass cop in new york noir style, black raincoat and dual ingram carnage, all together packed with a great scripted storyline told in comic format…. Man those were the times…

    Max Payne 1&2 were way better in the storyline and setting then Max Payne 3… Not talking here bout game mechanics or graphics…

  18. MaxPayne 4 on Ps4 sounds Sweet Rock star should do a Remaster on Maxpayne 3 with dlc included Multiplayer was pretty solid but could clean it up a bit with lag and party’s were a little iffy Mp3 was one of my favorite Games So I’m all in For Maxpayne 4 so many storylines New Family,,even the end of Maxpayne 3 has a possible spinoff My favorite idea is he has a kid etc,,and becomes a Newer crazier pillpopping Payne lol,,Mp3 shown him almost as a old fatty who lost a step Payne franchise cannot be killed off sum new Fresh ideas and get the game rolling!!anything longer than 2016 al be disappointed!!

  19. What can i say? game like Max Payne is different! its great game, who ever made game.
    I believe this game can play continue! no thinking about it, but just go for it!

    Max Payne 1 = Funny! and cool, i liked Max Payne 1
    Max Payne 2 = Was also great! only sad that most characters are death
    Like ” Vladimir Lem, Vinnie Gognitti, Mona Sax, Jim Bravura, Valerie W interson and rest of it.
    But game was also great, Missions were amaizing.
    Max Payne 3 = Super game, new characters, new missions, and it is played in other country
    Brazil as country is nice, i enjoyed also Max Payne 3, everything was super
    Max Payne 4 = Im really looking foor Max Payne 4 , i wish and i hope it will come fast enough
    Im not going to think why or what for reason, let Max Payne 4 start! make some ideas!
    Start with the plans and all, i mean! dont dissapoind fans! Go Rockstar Games! Max Payne 4 must come!!

  20. i m the greatest fan of max payne. i want that max payne 4 should be very interesting. i think i have made a record in max payne. i’ ve completed max payne 1 in just 3 hours and max payne 2 in just 2.5 hours and max payne 3 in 5 hours. i m waiting for max payne 4. please release it as much fast as you can.

  21. suckmyassinski

    If you actually think the next max payne wont come out till 2020 you’re a #no bad words# retard

  22. Max Payne 3 was kind of a let down for me. The game is awesome as an action piece, but a lot of the elements from the previous 2 games by Remedy that I fell in love with were lost, like the comic book passages, the gritty noir environments, Max’s sense of humor, clever irony and poetic narration, and some other awesome things that made me fell in love with the two Remedy games. The only sequence of the game that comes more close to emulate the feel of the previous ones was the flashback sequence, that’s it, but it was only close. For the first game I give a 9/10, great game, for the second game, a straight and glorified 10/10, flawless in every sense, but for the third, sorry guys, it gets a 5.5/10, not that good. Hope that they can bring back Max’s world as I remember from the first 2 games in a fourth installment.

    • They ruined max payne with last version!
      What happened to mona?!why?why the hell they didnt talk about the old guys in 1@2?it could be better if they continued the old max payne,at least better than this fu…ing gta like game,better than brazil,what the fuck is brazil,is it world cup!
      I hope they bring back the book passages,photoes and all things that we live with in max payne1@2

  23. Max payNe 3 player

    Max Payne 3 is the best multiplayer game ever, nothing compares to this high octane bullet feast.. Just give us more dlc rockstar ffs!
    GtaV is shit compared to this game. Done
    Just give us more of the same for max Payne 4.

  24. Max Payne 4 could be renewed version (maybe with couple suprises) of Max Payne 1. All 3 parts of this game are amazing, but I think that we should let Max finally ‘rest’ (I hope, after all of what he was comming through). Of course I’ll be very happy if there will be another part of this game with new story, maybe with (finally) happy ending for Max. I finished MP1 about 8 times, MP2 about 4 times, and MP3 about 10 times, and every now and then I play it again, and I never get bored.

  25. I am waiting for mp4

  26. Vrindaar shukla

    umm Max Payne 3 doesn’t install .8.1 % is the sticky point ones its 64.0% max Payne 1 & 2 are great but I think they should get d story back to his wife’s murder

  27. 2020 My ass

  28. George W. Bush

    Hello yes i is always i am waitinjg for the max payne 4 game to be released. Can you tell me the site of the release?

  29. I am big fan of Max pane series…..I love playing this game…..i just want to see some new adventure in MaxPayne4….

  30. Just finished Max Payne 3 and want to download Max Payne 4.

  31. Since Max Payne is alright now at the of max Payne 3. So I hope the story of Max Payne will continue. I want MP4!!!!

  32. I think open world Max Payne will be an amazing idea. Hope to see in max payne 4!! what you say.

    • I think that will result into GTA.Just saying .:D.Although Open world would make it more damn intersting

      • Open world for MP4 will result into GTA as @Freedom wrote. Instead I’ll add possibility to check other room in buildings, possibility of finding some info, that will make this story more (if it’s possible) interesting etc.

    • Kevinjohnsisabattyboy

      An open world max payne would be like a keeping an aborted fetus inside a ketchup bottle and waiting until someone puts it on their burger. The intense amount of dissapointment and horror on their face will be about the same amount as a max payne fan seeing an OPEN WORLD MAX PAYNE!! FUCK MY CUNT!!!

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