3 New Features Expected In Max Payne 4

May Payne 3 does a tremendous job in the third-person shooting game world. The game gets highly acclaimed reviews both from critics and users. It also won many awards, including Best Animation at Machinima’s Inside Gaming Awards. It is popularly known for having an amazing story and action.

Max Payne 3 has several new features, better realistic graphics, intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and strong language. But as always there is room for improvement, we expect lots of new features and more realistic graphics in Max Payne 4. So here are the new features expected in Max Payne 4.

New Features Expected In Max Payne 4

1. Story:

Max Payne 3 has the best storyline in the Max Payne series. It continues the Max Payne life who now works in private security, protecting the wealthy Branco family. But as things go wrong and Rodrigo’s wife Fabiana is kidnapped, He is forced into a deadly new conflict, while relying on the abilities he attained from the experiences of the past he left behind. Similar to it , we expect a more amazing storyline in Max Payne 4 filled with more actions and violence.

2. Improved Control System and Realistic Graphics

The latest Rockstar game, GTA 5 has gone under major improvements in control system and realistic graphics. One can notice the realistic design of the city and much better graphics in GTA 5. So now Rockstar had no excuse to bring such improvement in Max Payne 4.

3. More Challenging Missions:

Max Payne 3 is a very addictive game that features different and challenging missions as compared to the first two parts. Once the person completes the first mission, he can’t drop it until he finish the game. The more challenging and more varied mission expected in Max Payne 4.