Is Max Payne 4 Rockstar Next Game?

There hasn’t been any news on Max Payne 4 since the release of third part back in 2012. We really miss this game and hope the Rockstar next upcoming game is Max Payne 4. But as per analyst, Rockstar next game won’t be Max Payne 4 instead Red Dead Redemption 2.

The Red Dead game was released in 2010 and now Rockstar is gearing to launch it’s sequel. Rockstar Games said “We don’t always rush to make sequels, but that does not mean that we won’t get back to them eventually. Stay tuned for further announcements about the future of Red Dead series.” So it is confirmed that the sequel of the Red Dead series and analyst predict, it’s to be Rockstar next game.

What About Max Payne 4?

Sadly, there is no official news or comment on the release of Max Payne 4 from Rockstar side. If we remind you, Rockstar took more than 10 years to launch Max Payne 3 after the second part. And if Rockstar follow the same pattern, then expect next part to release around 2020. We hope Rockstar won’t that much time and will launch the next part soon in future.

Is Max Payne 4 Rockstar Next Game?

Is Max Payne 4 Rockstar Next Game

The answer is NO? As we said earlier in this post, Rockstar is gearing for Red Dead sequel which is expected to get launch in 2014/2015 and Max Payne 4 will take time to come.

Stay tune with us as we will be sharing more news about it here.