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Max Payne 4 Release Date

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Max Payne 4 Release Date:

We can’t confirm the release date of Max Payne 4, in fact nobody can confirm its release date as the game is not officially announced. Moreover the 3rd part of the franchise was released recently in 2012. But looking at Max Payne release cycle we expect Max Payne 4 to release around 2020.

Max Payne 4 Release Date

Max Payne Release Date History
Max Payne 1 Release Date July 23, 2001
Time Between 2 Years (Approx)
Max Payne 2 Release Date October 14, 2003
Time Between 9 Years (Approx)
Max Payne 3 Release Date May 15, 2012
Time Between 8 Years
Max Payne 4 Release Date 2020 (Expected)

Max Payne 4 Be Release Date News:

Till now no source claims Rockstar is working on Max Payne 4 or share anything about its release date.

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