Max Payne 4 Vs Max Payne 3: What Can Be The Changes

Max Payne 3 is a huge hit in third-person shooter video game and now people are waiting for the next part the Max Payne 4. The Max Payne 3 has hard-core action, realistic graphics and lots of new features which makes it an amazing game.

Max Payne 4 Vs Max Payne 3

Even though till now no source claims anything about Max Payne 4 so comparing Max Payne 4 to Max Payne 3 is just a fiction or in other words a prediction. But our expert who played all the 3 parts in the Max Payne series tried their best to predict the comparison between two.

Here we will compare both the game in points. If you have anything to share with us, kindly use the comment below at the end of this post or use contact us. We as always love to hear from you.

Bullet Time:

Bullet Time is one of the most popular feature of Max Payne game. The feature has been constantly improved in every part of this game. In Max Payne 3, Bullet Time gives Max Payne several seconds in real time to take out an enemy to prevent his death. This Bullet time allows him to slow time down and ensure he hit targets with greater accuracy. By Bullet time you can also see Bullet hitting the enemy in slow mode.

In Max Payne 4 advance Bullet time with new features are expected to come. This ability of Max Payne to slow down time while shooting can be used for many other purpose except shooting.


Max Payne 3 delivers realistic graphics featuring Rockstar Advanced Game Engine [RAGE] and the Euphoria Dynamic Animation Engine. The environmental condition and Max Payne look in the game is looks almost real. As Max Payne 4 is expected to release sometime after 2017 which means still many year to go. In this meantime, Rockstar most probably will announce a new game engine which will further improve the graphics. And this more realistic graphics are expected to be part of Max Payne 4.


Max Payne 3 was released back in 2012 for all three major platforms including PS3, Xbox 360 and PC by Rockstar. On the other hand GTA 5 their latest game missed the PC platform. Even though many source claims Rockstar will release GTA 5 for PC, Xbox One and PS4 sometime this year but no official yet.

The same thing might happen with Max Payne 4. First Rockstar will release Max Payne 4 for Xbox One and PS4(Might be for PS3 and Xbox 360 also). Then after sometime for PC also or may be not.

Intense Violence And Environment Condition:

Rockstar Games are popularly know for featuring the most realistic environment. Their games like GTA 5 and Max Payne 3 are examples of that which uses the RAGE engine(Rockstar Advanced Game Engine). When coming to Max Payne 4, Rockstar will make sure it remains high on intense violence and present realistic environment to the user.