No Source Claims Max Payne 4 In Works

Previously we expected Max Payne 4 not to release before 2017 which seems to be true as till now no source claims Max Payne 4 is in works. No news, no official update, no rumor and no leaks suggest Rockstar has any plans for Max Payne 4.
No Source Claims Max Payne 4 In Works

A person with username @ILewisGTA on twitter tweets, “There’s no source to say Max Payne 4 is even in the works…” This tweet is true as we surfed over all the internet and did not find any news which says anything about Max Payne 4.
Max Payne 4 Tweet

Rockstar Games certainly has plans for GTA 6. Rockstar president Leslie Benzies said “We don’t know what GTA 6 will be, but we’ve got some ideas.” So they will definitely come up with GTA 6 but what about Max Payne next part?