Share Max Payne 4 Feature, Gameplay And Story

Max Payne 3 has been one of the greatest third person shooter game of all time and best in the Max Payne series. But there can be improvements in features, gameplay and story which Rockstar should consider for Max Payne 4. That’s what we are going to discuss here.

Share Max Payne 4 Feature, Gameplay And Story

Do you have any idea for Max Payne 4 new features, gameplay and story. If Yes, then you can share your feature, concept and story that you would love to see in Max Payne 4. Use the comment box at the end of the box to share them. Among all the entries or comments best one will be selected and will be shared.

For a hint you can check out our previous post 3 New Features Expected In Max Payne 4. Just like that, share your view about Max Payne 4 in the comment section below. Each comment is precious and appreciated.