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We welcome you to a new website MaxPayne4Game.com, the site dedicated to provide all news, information, leaks, feature, trailer, videos, screenshot, picture, rumors and everything you want to know about Max Payne 4 game.

Welcome To MaxPayne4Game

Max Payne game is a third person shooter game which means the game is primarily about shooting and killing. The first and second series of the game was developed by Remedy Entertainment and third series, which released in 2012 was developed by Rockstar Studios. The game is named after its protagonist, Max Payne, a New York City police officer who turned vigilante in the game.

Max Payne 4 game is currently in rumored stage so all news and rumors we will share here are speculation. We will be entertaining you here with fake screenshots, expectation and more. We have got lots of material to share.

We hope soon Rockstar will officially announce the fourth part of the Max Payne series. Until then share your view about Max Payne 4 in the comments and let Rockstar hear your voice, “Fans are waiting for Max Payne 4.”